September 2018 Humble Monthly Review

Another month, another Humble Monthly.  Let's see what games I'll be able to dive into this month!  I will be giving a general first impression based on the first few minutes of the game, as well as the likelihood that I'll continue to play the game as time goes on.  There's a lot of games to … Continue reading September 2018 Humble Monthly Review

Kickstarter Project Update

For those who aren't aware, I've been following five games on Kickstarter from their initial campaign to release (read more here) and thought now would be a good time to make an update.  Here's a quick look at the status of all of the Kickstarter games:   Blood Nor Water Blood Nor Water is currently halfway … Continue reading Kickstarter Project Update

Top PAX Minibooth Indie Titles I Want NOW

For me, PAX West is like Christmas, because I get showered in news of indie games being released in the near future.  A few days ago, I wrote about my most anticipated titles from the Indie Megabooth, so it felt appropriate to do another article covering the PAX Minibooth.  Of course, even though I think … Continue reading Top PAX Minibooth Indie Titles I Want NOW