Ranking the Gentlemen (and Ladies) of Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!

Okay, I have played through Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! three times and experienced every character's speed date.  With that in mind, I am now going to do my first impression rankings of all twelve characters, as well as explain a bit about why I ranked them accordingly.  Before we begin, however, if a Victorian dating simulator sounds … Continue reading Ranking the Gentlemen (and Ladies) of Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!

50 Followers: Gamer Confessions Tag!

Hello, everyone!  I thought I'd switch it up a little bit with a tag post in order to celebrate 50 followers, because tag post are, for me, a really great way to get to know bloggers.  The blogger I found this tag post from is Cheap Boss Attack and you can read that post here.  … Continue reading 50 Followers: Gamer Confessions Tag!

Ranking All Danganronpa Characters (Part 3)

Well, we've reached the end.  My final group of characters from Danganronpa.  This grouping was the hardest of the three parts because every one of these characters are nearly equal in my love for them.  Therefore, take the ordering with a grain of salt.  I'll give my rationale for why a character is higher or lower … Continue reading Ranking All Danganronpa Characters (Part 3)