My Foray Into Free Visual Novels

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I played Danganronpa earlier this year and it changed my life.  Well, life may be too dramatic, but it definitely did introduce me to visual novels, a genre I likely would have otherwise ignored forever.  Given that I love to read, skipping out on the visual novel genre for my entire … Continue reading My Foray Into Free Visual Novels

Disgaea 2 Review

Release Date:  January 30, 2017 (Originally February 23, 2006) Price:  $19.99 I love to level grind in every RPG I play.  Even if the game isn't that difficult and I could play straight through it, I just get a rush from being able to stomp all over everything by being a higher level than my opponents.  … Continue reading Disgaea 2 Review

Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition Review

Release Date:  November 13, 2018 Price:  $39.99 I am a huge fan of the Tropico series, so when I had an opportunity to get a review code from Kalypso for Project Highrise:  Architect's Edition, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see what else the publisher has to offer.  Tycoon-style games are a personal favorite of … Continue reading Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition Review

Owl Watch and Giving Time to Small Games in a Big Market

According to a Polygon article, 7,672 games were released on Steam in 2017.  As gamers, having this much choice in the games we play is a dream come true.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the developers, who may put their heart and soul into years of development, only for no one to ultimately even glance at … Continue reading Owl Watch and Giving Time to Small Games in a Big Market